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AI Clinical Hub AutomationPlatform. automate everything,everywhere, all at once.

The Only AI Clinical Automation Platform Equipped with an EHR summarizer, AI Nurses™, the world's best AI Medical Scribe, AI Telehealth, Centralized AI Scheduling, Google Workspace, Billing and Enterprise-Grade Compliance.

Learn in 2 Minutes Why DeepCura is Light Years Ahead of its Competitors.

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580 California Street, 12th & 16th Floors, San Francisco, California, USA.

A Well-equipped AI Samurai beats 10 traditionally trained warriors. 

The Days of Copying and Pasting Notes are Over. 2-Click push to your EHR.

The tutorial below will show you how to integrate completely for free with Dr. Chrono EHR. Both DeepCura and Dr. Chrono offer free trials without the need for credit card details or demos that are locked behind a sales team. Completely in self-service mode, you can experience automating your notes and pushing them to an EHR in just two clicks. We integrate with all major EHRs with the exception of Tebra and Practice Fusion. Integrations with Epic and Dr. Chrono are 100% free.

End Copy-Paste Hassles: Seamlessly Integrated with Leading EHRs - And Many More.

Quickly Compare our $129 USD Subscription with Popular Competitors in 60 Seconds.

Introducing DeepCura Detective: EHR Patient Summarizer & State of the Art Clinical Plans and DDx with your own Custom Clinical Guidelines

DeepCura analyzes all available patient data in your EHR and provides a comprehensive longitudinal summary in 2 clicks. This can be used to create state-of-the-art differential diagnoses and clinical plans based on your own trusted clinical guidelines. As a result, reimbursements are optimized since DeepCura analyzes every data point from your EHR. Save hundreds of hours per year and optimize billing with this feature alone.

Patient Reminders:  Automated Patient Task Management System & Clinical Repository for Patient PDFs.

Physicians using DeepCura will never forget to follow up on a referral or to submit a refill. Our Automated Patient task management system sorts all your cumulative and automated patient tasks by tag, deadline, status, and patient order. Upload any PDF or Documents to any Patient Thread

Was the previous SOAP Note Demo too basic? DeepCura offers Near-infinite Note Hyper-customization and automation for every Clinical Header!

Add and tweak up to 80 Custom Individual Clinical Headers to Match any Note Specialty, Macros & Billing Requirements!

Introducing State of the Art AI Composable Threads. Create custom tags, filter by note types and authors, and perform advanced AI summarization.

Imagine having one hundred notes from the same patient, complete with tags. Now, you can filter by note type, author, or create your own naming convention tailored to the clinical data architecture that best fits your practice. The most powerful aspect is that you can create your own threads 'à la carte' and use DeepCura to summarize that specific thread architecture into a text summary, a table, a mindmap, a timeline—whatever you need.

NEW! Summarize your entire EHR patient data in 2 clicks. Learn more here.  Available in all US "certified" EHRs.
Get your Custom Chart Ready Before You Step into the Room. Our AI Nurses™ Outperforms GPT-4 in Medical Questions.

Whether it's for autonomous pre-charting, scheduling, collecting payments, or all these tasks simultaneously, our AI Nurses can handle it all. Design the sequence of events and integrate your scheduling, insurance, or payment software by simply providing the links. Trigger actions at specific moments during patient interactions. Additionally, automate patient messaging by supplying the patient file and embed the world's most trusted clinical sources to educate your patients with evidence based medicine. Our AI Nurse for Medical Questions beats chatGPT 4 using MedPrompt principles under the hood, read the research paper by Microsoft here.

Over 100 Web App Integrations for AI Nurse Use Cases: Automated Scheduling, Patient Messaging, Payments, Triage, Consent Forms, etc.

AI Telehealth, AI Scheduling, AI Calls & Billing Included.

DeepCura is the first platform in the healthcare industry to offer a Telehealth documentation experience powered by prompts and natural language. It enables the generation of highly customizable notes in one go. Powered and integrated by HIPAA compliant scheduling platform, DeepCura reads your availability from all your existing calendars ensuring you never get double booked! SMS, e-mail reminders and payment integrations included. You can also invite individual or multiple guests via phone call as shown in the screenshot below.

Introducing DeepCura Auditor

Streamline costly Audits in just 2 clicks and in seconds with your own custom payer requirements as part of your $129 USD subscription per month. Save thousands of dollars with this feature alone.

DeepCura Enterprise Collaboration

The first platform of its kind where all participants—i.e., physicians, auditors, nurses, P.As, scribes, and admins of a healthcare organization—can have different types of access, roles, and permissions to collaborate and produce AI-automated clinical documentation like never before.

All of them can collaborate in a patient thread and add their unique "lego/building block" part of the patient journey, or simply supervise.

  • Physicians can automate their notes with a click.

  • Auditors can automate audits with a click.

  • Admins can get billing summaries with a click.

The possibilities are truly endless. DeepCura's architecture is specialty and workflow agnostic; it can adapt to any clinical environment."

E-Sign, Encrypt, and Fax in literally 2 Clicks

E-sign, encrypt PDFs and fax records to anyone in seconds.

Don't know how to create prompts? We will make them for you! Free one-on-one Training Sessions.

Easy Data Conversion Flows: Take a photo with your phone, upload screenshots, PDFs in bulk, patient recordings, or simple text, and convert them into new documents, summaries, or different languages.

  • Spanish audio recording to French Progress/SOAP Note. Try any language!

  • Upload a Polish Lab Photo Screenshot to Summarized Bullet Points in English.

  • Upload a Lab Photo Screenshot to Analytical Spreadsheet.

  • Patient recording to Hyper-customized note template.

  • Patient recording to Hyper-customized note template + Analytics.

  • PDF to AI- assisted Diagnosis.

  • Take an insurance picture from your phone and and ask key questions.

  • Copy past notes from your EHR into DeepCura's textbox as a prompt or instruction and load your dictation or patient recording to produce highly comprehensive notes. As an analogy, think of DeepCura as an AI Clinical Container.

  • Upload all formats, all documents, all languages into a Patient Thread and ask anything about everything in 5 secs. (Computer vision capabilities are only meant for administrative tasks.)

Automated Referrals & Patient Handouts via Google Workspace Integration. Only available for Google Workspace users with an established BAA from Google.

Enterprise-grade Security, and 100% HIPAA, PIPEDA & PHIPA compliant. 

We have taken security, HIPAA compliance to the extreme by requesting an external party to verify our compliance, ensuring your peace of mind. Vanta, an enterprise-grade security and compliance platform, has verified our HIPAA compliant status.

DeepCura AI Academy

 How to Record and Automate SOAP Notes, by using our State of the Art AI Medical Scribe.

Learn how to automate SOAP notes 'For Dummies' style in just 2 minutes!

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