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Automate with accuracyany clinical note within60 seconds.

AI-Enhanced Clinical Automation with Enterprise-Level Compliance: Our platform employs AI models, such as OpenAI's GPT-4 32K and BioClinical BERT, which are recognized for their clinical performance in premier scientific journals and have been extensively researched at global universities.

Introducing AI Clinical Containers, a Prompt Shortcut Library, an embedded AI Clinical Scanner and more.

DeepCura offers unparalleled clinical precision through our advanced AI Clinical Workspace. Whether using personalized prompts or dictation, our AI Medical Scribe can craft detailed clinical notes tailored to your specific parameters and fields. You also have the option to input sample notes, enabling the system to emulate your unique writing style. To guarantee utmost clinical accuracy, we harness the power of healthcare-specialized OpenAI Models, including the exclusive OpenAI GPT-4-32K (unavailable directly to consumers as of Sep 6, 2023), Bio Clinical Bert, and beyond.

Deepcura utilizing bio clinical bert

What Makes Us a Leading AI Medical Scribe?

  • Multi-speaker and multi-lingual state-of-the-art transcriptions.

  • Customize up to 70 different clinical variables, including coding to suit any medical specialty's note template.

  • Evidence based AI ASSISTANT for Clinical Plans and DDx.

  • Only platform equipped with an AI Clinical Scanner, and a Pre-programmed Clinical Prompt Shortcut Library.

  • Industry record 60-second note turnaround time. 

  • It can mimic your writing style based on your note samples.

  • Ask multi-lingual questions and chat back and forth with your enterprise data, all via PDF files.

  • Push or paste automated note to EHRs.

  • Record or upload your own audio files. Uploads are ideal for encounters longer than 60 minutes.

What facts prove we are a leading AI Medical Scribe?

  • We are the first to include decision support, note automation, and embeddings of your own corporate data into a single easy-to-use solution.

  • Integrated with Epic EHRs, the largest EHR vendor in the US. (DeepCura AI is not endorsed, certified, or sponsored by Epic.)

  • We are approved by the Azure OpenAI Service as a vendor to distribute their exclusive HIPAA-compliant GPT Models such as their latest enterprise GPT-4 model with a token limit of 32k. (DeepCura AI is not endorsed, certified, or sponsored by Azure OpenAI Service.)

Sign up for a free video demonstration where we share the latest advancements in Medical AI education. We introduce new ideas in healthcare and explain how to use our advanced AI tools to automate your clinical documentation, like the Clinical Prompt Shortcuts, AI Clinical Containers, our Clinical Scanner, and more. For additional EHR integrations, we may charge a one-time setup fee. This fee is waived when you utilize Epic EHRs.

© 2023 by DeepCura Inc.

Engineered by DeepCura in San Francisco.

A Well-equipped Samurai beats 10 traditionally trained warriors.

Enterprise-grade Security, HIPAA & PIPEDA compliance 

We have taken security, HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance to the extreme by requesting an external party to verify our compliance, ensuring your peace of mind. Vanta, an enterprise-grade security and compliance platform, has verified our HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant status.

Great Clinical Product.  It has been great for our team to streamline clinical documentation workflows and quickly integrate AI.

Justin Gerstner, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer Ellie Mental Health

Since we started using DeepCura, we are averaging 2 minutes on our charting time, plus significant savings in our medical scribe department, and increased optimization.

Michael Buckwald, M.D.

Internal Medicine Physician

It is like having an Ivy league resident working for us 24/7.

Justin Keller, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Disclaimer: This website is not intended for use by a general audience and does not provide medical advice.  

Training & Workflows

Upload Audio + Prompt Workflow

Difficulty: Easy.

  1. Upload an MP3, WAV or video file containing your patient's conversation.

  2. Load a prompt shortcut or input your own custom prompt.

By following these steps, you will receive both a high-quality transcription and a note crafted according to your directions.

Benefits: This workflow is compatible with external audio recorders that offer professional-grade audio quality. This compatibility ensures near-perfect clinical transcriptions and clinical notes.

Record from Web App + Prompt Workflow

Difficulty: Medium.

  1. Click our "record" button.

  2. Specify the type of documentation you wish to generate through prompts on our AI Clinical workspace (e.g., SOAP, H&P, Referral, ICD-10 Codes, AI-assisted diagnosis, etc.)


Benefits: This workflow allows you to create documentation efficiently using our built-in microphone, suitable for both Telehealth and in-person patient encounters.


Note: This method is not recommended for patient encounters lasting longer than 30 minutes. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and a high-quality device microphone.

Hyper-customized notes Workflow

Difficulty: Advanced.

  1. Click our "record" button.

  2. Create and add your own custom prompt.

Internal Medicine Demo video of how this workflow works here.

Psychiatry Demo video here.

Benefits: This workflow enables you to efficiently create hyper-customized notes on the go using our application or even get analytics or special insights from your patient encounter, you could ask for isolated data such as a list of medications, billing, etc, the only limit is your imagination.


Since we utilize GPT-4-32K, it can analyze up to 2 hours of a patient encounter!

Join our social community where you can ask others what are their favorite prompts.

Pioneering the Future

Our Contributions to the Healthcare Industry

Here is a list of AI medical features we have pioneered and innovated that no other competitor has in the healthcare industry:

  • Clinical Prompt Shortcuts that prevents bad prompt engineering by medical providers.

  • AI Clinical Scanner

  • Introduced the world's first user-friendly medical AI hub, where healthcare providers can browse and interact with different AI models. In addition, they can gain a transparent understanding of the biases and limitations that each model may have in real-world clinical applications.

  • Pioneered the development of AI Clinical Containers that incorporates handpicked, trusted research studies and state of the art patient transcripts into the input response, with this, we have significantly mitigated the issue of AI Hallucination

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Our Mission

Physician Support: The Path to Affordable, Effective Care

Empowering physicians by alleviating burnout affordably, ensuring reduced healthcare costs for both providers and patients, and enhancing patient outcomes is at the core of our mission. We believe that by focusing on the well-being and resilience of our medical professionals, we can foster a more effective and compassionate healthcare environment. Our commitment goes beyond financial implications; it’s about championing a healthier future for all.

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