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How to integrate DeepCura with your scheduler, to automate Forms, Telehealth, Payments via Paypal, Stripe & Zapier for full workflow automation.

Updated: 5 days ago

  1. Go to and create an account.

  2. Create a new event by clicking at the top right blue button.

3. Add a title and description to your event and click continue.

4. Remove video and add your DeepCura telehealth link instead.

Do not forget to click save.

Note: you can find your Personal Telehealth Link here:

5. Optional: Add Stripe or Paypal to automate billing when your patients or clients request your services, you can also add apps from the marketplace to automate additional parts of your workflow

6. Set your availability as desired:

7. This is the last and most important step. Go to settings, then under the developer menu, click "webhooks"

8. Click "New" under, "create your first webhook"

9. Add this url: to the subscriber url field

10. Click "Create webhook"

And you are all set, every time a patient or client submits a booking, all the booking, reminders, and cash based billing is automated by, both you and your patient receives a professional looking e-mail with their appointment and DeepCura Telehealth link, and re-scheduling is intuitive and user friendly. At the moment of your appointment you can join via the DeepCura platform as the image shown below:

P.S. You can integrate Zapier for non PHI related administrative workflows for extremely powerful automations via app store.

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